The Investment Adviser and the New Portfolio Manager

The Management Team currently comprises co-founders and principals of the Investment Adviser. The Investment Adviser is a specialist fund management and advisory business whose experienced and entrepreneurial Management Team has a strong track record in fintech venture capital. The Investment Adviser is based in London. The Investment Adviser is authorised and regulated in the UK by the FCA.

At such time as the Portfolio Management Agreement becomes effective and the New Portfolio Manager is appointed, it will enter into service agreements with each of Tim Levene and Richard Matthews, the co-founders and principals of the Investment Adviser and whose biographies are set out below.

The Company intends to leverage the Management Team’s years of experience, expertise and networks in the fintech sector to drive value creation in its investee companies.

The key individuals who will be responsible for the Company's portfolio (initially as partners of or consultants to the Investment Adviser and, upon the Portfolio Management Agreement becoming effective and the New Portfolio Manager being appointed, as employees of the New Portfolio Manager) are listed below.

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