Frostrow Capital LLP will act as the Company's alternative investment fund manager for the purposes of the AIFM Rules.

The AIFM will also be responsible for providing administrative, company secretarial and marketing services to the Company. These will include general fund administration services (including calculation of the NAV based on the data provided by the Investment Adviser or the New Portfolio Manager, as applicable), bookkeeping and accounts preparation.

Pursuant to the Investment Advisory Agreement, the AIFM has appointed the Investment Adviser to provide investment advice and related services in relation to the Company.

Pursuant to the Portfolio Management Agreement, the AIFM will delegate portfolio management to the New Portfolio Manager once the new Portfolio Manager has been granted the necessary authorisation from the FCA. The AIFM will continue to be the AIFM of the Company following the delegation of the portfolio management role to the New Portfolio Manager, as it is not the current intention of the New Portfolio Manager to provide AIFM services to the Company.

The AIFM is authorised and regulated in the UK by the FCA.